Project Nsight






Project Nsight


Mission: Create a web application concept to identify potential law enforcement threats.

Deadline: ~30 days

Deliverables: Mid-Fidelity Wireframes, Visual Design

Team: +4



  • Challenge: How can we design a robust application that allows users to quickly analyze data to make immediate decisions or future decisions?
  • Process/Strategy: I requested the updated data models to have a firm understanding of the type of latest data available for visualization.
    • Key Features: Smooth & Succinct Data Visualization, Prescriptive Data Integration, Power BI


Wireframe Feedback: No full screen map due to deadline limitations, less focus and significance of the map, more abbreviated sort and filter, accommodate broader data visualization capabilities, include data visualization panel.

  • Solution:  Due to time constraints we implemented all requested iterations to the next rounds of visual design. “At a glance” was the operative word. We went to work to display a series of visualizations that would give the users a swift and robust level of knowledge in no time.


  • Specs:
  1. Suspect Identifier: Allows users to process an image of the suspect with basic information about their age, last known address and prior incidents at a glance.
  2. Affiliation Tree: This chart quickly illustrates any known criminal connections to the aforementioned suspect in order of relevance.
  3. Live Locator: In the event of a high-speed pursuit, correspondents will be one step ahead with a live gps reading of live feeds to triangulate a suspect’s location
  4. Social Media Inspector: Identifies any recent posts made by suspect’s social media account